Linda Rader of Amherst, NY won Queen of Beer for 2005
She won with "Old Rasputin" a Russian Imperial Stout!
Here is her recipe.

I adapted  the receipe from "Beer Captured" by Tess and Mark Szamatulski.
It's on page 111. I did the all grain version.

5 gallon batch: 
Water treatment:
Just filtered out chlorine and added 1 tsp gypsum and tich salt (no iodine)
15 # US Klages,  2 row
8 oz Breis US Crystal  
16 oz Dark Crystal Eng Malt 
10 oz Roasted non malted barley
8 oz Black Patent
9 oz US Chocolate
Mashed at 150degF for 90 minutes.
Sparged 5 + gallons of water at 170 degrees
My hops were;
3 oz Cluster ( 7.2 %)for full boil (90 minutes)
1 oz Northern Brewer ( 7.1 %) for 15 minutes
1 oz Mt. Hood (4.2 %) for 2 minutes
(I did not do the dryhopping.)  
Boiled for 90 minutes (6 plus gallons down to 5 gallons.).
Last 15 minutes of boil I added 1 # malto dextrin and 1 tsp irish moss to boil. 
I used 1028 Wyeast London Ale Yeast (2 activator packs to start ).
I areated for 15 minutes and then added yeast.
I moved the beer after one week and after 2 weeks.
Beer was bottled 50 days after brewing.
Four days before bottling I added a third activator pack of the same yeast.
The beer was fermented at the 65degF temperature of my cellar.  
I used 1 1/4 cup of DME for bottling.
After bottling I kept beer at 70degF for one month,
then moved to cellar temperature for aging.  
It should age for at least 6 months.

The beer that won was bottled Oct 30, 2004,
so it was almost one year in the bottle,
and it is just starting to be good.  
Starting gravity was 1.104 and ending was 1.028.
Its a great beer for the patient ... Linda

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