Entry No Style Final Score Place Beer Name Brewster Tag number Base meadType Carbonation Strength Special Ingredient
Lighter Lagers
158  01B  38 2 Moto Ann's Famous Recipe  Annie Johnson, Sacramento CA D70A0A0E2D38           
106  02A  40 1 The chicks were right...  Anne Duany White, Essex Jct. VT D70A03071E1D           
136  02C  37 3 Classic American Pilsner  Kelly Floyd, Arvada, CO D70A09130F29           
Bigger Malts
166  05D  40.6 1 Big Momma  Susan Ruud, Harwood, ND D70A0D0C1D0B           
114  09E  36.6 3 Kronik Ale  Erin Ferre, Salem OR D70A060E3233           
132  19B  37 2 Hellbent Barleywine  Karen Lassiter, Cross Plains, TN D70A09120C01           
Pale & Hop Oriented
149  08B  33.5 3 Carrington's House Ale  MaryLou Carrington, Santa Rosa CA D70A0A0B1132           
150  08C  36.3 1 hoppy good time ale  MaryLou Carrington, Santa Rosa CA D70A0A0B210C           
148  10B  34.3 2 autumn amber ale  MaryLou Carrington, Santa Rosa CA D70A0A0B0C10           
112  14B  33 HM Happy Hop Ale  Kimberly Bishop, Santa Rosa CA D70A050A260B           
Browns n stuff
138  11A  37.3 1 English Mild  Kelly Floyd, Arvada CO D70A09131424           
133  12B  37 2 Honey Bee Porter  Karen Lassiter, Cross Plains, TN D70A09120D03           
120  11A  33.8 3 Snaffle Mouth Welsh Cobb  Jodie Davis, Canton,  GA D70A080E3A35           
108  12B  33 HM Porter call me a taxi  Nancy Hartman & Linda Swihart, West Lafayette, IN D70A0405191A           
Spins on Stout
139  13F  38 1 Nikolei's Russian Imperial Stout  Kelly Floyd, Arvada CO D70A09131622           
176  13F  37.5 2 Russian Imperial Stout  Wendy Schmidt, Springfield, VA D70A14112616           
152  13C  36 3 Encourage Stout  Mary Lou Carrington, Santa Rosa CA D70A0A0B3004           
Wheats n stuff
157  15B  38.6 1 Dunkel Weezer  Annie Johnson, Sacramento CA D70A0A0E2A33           
164  15A  38 2 German Wheat  Kelly Floyd, Arvada CO D70A0C0D070D           
159  17A  34 3 Indian Summer Berliner Weisse  Leah Chibe, Marta Woloszyn & Dorrie Chibe, Chicago IL D70A0B050B18           
110  17A  31.6 HM BW  Linda Swihart, West Lafayette, IN D70A040E2235           
161  18B  34.7 1 Ground Rule Dubbel  Annie Johnson, Sacramento CA D70A0C0B1C03           
134  16E  34.3 2 Raison D'Etre  Linda Rader, Middleport, NY D70A09122526          Raisins. Clone of "Raison D'Etre" from Dogfish Head 
178  16C  33.3 3 Saison DeBatin  Cathy Jones, Fort Collins, CO D70A14112F07           
113  18C  33 HM Triple Crown  Erin Ferre, Salem OR D70A050F3217           
116  20A  40 1 Cherry Weiss  Erin Ferre, Salem OR D70A060E3838  15A         
171  20A  38.6 2 Sour Apple Beer  Nichole Touchette, El Dorado CA D70A0F0D2004  16        Dark Cherries, Vanilla 
180  20A 35.6 3 Razzcherry Wheat  Cathy Jones, Fort Collins, CO D70A14113A2C          Sour Apple flavored Jolly Rancher candies 
128  21A  39.6 1 Punky Brewster  Tina Cole, Columbia SC D70A090E230B  12B        Pumpkin, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg 
146  21A  34.6 2 Cardamom Wheat  Amelia Chapman & Sara Thompson, Loveland CO D70A09162B30  06D        Cardamom Pods added to American Wheat base beer. 
115  21A  34.3 3 Wheatless Wit  Erin Ferre, Salem OR D70A060E3611        Coriander, Sweet Orange Peel 
143  23A  35 1 Toasty Coconut Schwartz  Kelly Floyd, Arvada CO D70A0913213A        Toasted coconut flakes 
173  23A 31.5 2 All-Maple Ale  Ruth Miller, Richmond VT D70A140B3A37          All maple sap (no water), 3# maple syrup in primary, Quebec maple "rock sugar" in secondary, bottled w/granulated maple 
125  23A  27.5 3 Old Ale Honey Beer  Sheron Rowland, Loveland CO D70A09082038  19A        Honey, malt syrup 
124  26B  31.8 1 Two Old Broads' Equinox Braggot  Sheron Rowland, Loveland CO D70A09080A2D    SS  Still  Sack  Smoked malt 
111  25C  30.5 2 Pear Mel  Linda Swihart, West Lafayette IN D70A04101B33    Sweet  Still  Std  Local pear juice fresh squeezed was the base for this mead 
169  24C  30 3 Orange Blossum Mead  Susan Ruud, Hardwood, ND D70A0D0D2A2B      Pet  Std  Orange Blossum Honey 
Best of Show
138  11A  37.3 1 English Mild  Kelly Floyd, Arvada Co D70A09131424           
166  05D  40.6 2 Big Momma  Susan Ruud, Harwood, ND D70A0D0C1D0B           
150  08C  36.3 3 hoppy good time ale  Mary Lou Carrington, Santa Rosa  CA D70A0A0B210C